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RNA Movies

Sequential Animation of RNA secondary structure including pseudoknots and entangled helices

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RNAMovies is a system for the visualization of RNA secondary structure spaces, i.e. multiple sets of secondary structure data. The program creates an interpolated animation of the data using the well-known NAVIEW-routines. The highlighting of pseudo-knotted regions is also supported.

This page relates to the Java version of RNA Movies that replaces the former online-version as well as the standalone-versions.

The new version features SVG-export for high quality graphics as well as several image formats (JPEG,PNG and GIF). Single or multiple image export is supported. Additionally to its own formats RNAMovies supports DSCE and RNAStructML as input format

Users of RNA Movies are requested to cite :
Kaiser, Alexander and Krueger, Jan and Evers, Dirk RNA Movies 2 : sequential animation of RNA secondary structures, Nucleic Acids Research, 2007
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